Midnight at the Satyr Inn by Rebekah Lewis

Midnight at the Satyr InnMidnight at the Satyr Inn by Rebekah Lewis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was like being tossed head first into a swimming pool and coming for air only to realize the water is shallow enough to walk. At first I thought there was too much information being thrown at me but as I read further I began to understand it better and was able to get lost in the story.

Ms. Lewis sets up an amazing world in this little novella and immediately I was curious after all the Satyrs and their troubles. The romance in the tale however was a little short, a little quick. I'd have preferred a longer tale or less talk of the L word. That being said I'll have to read the next book, maybe these men develop emotions differently than others.

This is a short sexy read that will have you snapping up the rest of Ms. Lewis's series.

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