Songs of Love and Death Anthology

Songs of Love and Death: All-Original Tales of Star-Crossed Love (Kushiel's Legacy #1.5; Ph├Ędre's Trilogy, #1.5; The Dresden Files, #11.5; Outlander, #8.5)Songs of Love and Death: All-Original Tales of Star-Crossed Love by George R.R. Martin
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I really enjoyed this anthology and am going to post some of the specifics about a few of the stories, but not all of them, that would make for an incredibly long review. I enjoyed the theme of this anthology (being star-crossed lovers) and I enjoyed meeting new characters and learning things about some of my favorite characters I did not know. I hope you enjoy it as well....

Love Hurts by: Jim Butcher

This was a cute, short, pretty easy and flowing story. I found it a tad bit shocking because of the two ‘star crossed lovers’ but Jim Butcher wrote it well. I love his writing, very humorous.

The Marrying Maid by: Jo Beverly

I did not like this story. It seemed to squish to many legends, myths, and just stuff into one tiny story and I did not like how adamant she was not to be with him and he was trying to force her and the whole “ok, why not” at the end. Annoyed me.

Rooftops by: Carrie Vaughn

This was interesting and uninteresting at the same time. I didn’t feel a connection to Charlotte at all but I liked the concept of a story about a masked avenger who is a normal man in a world full of superheros. Overall, ok, wish I could connect to the characters better.

Hurt Me by: M.L.N. Hanover

WOW! This story is creepy, twisted, and just awesome! I know it sounds weird but I don’t think I have ever read a story quite like this one. I love the darkness of the story and the way the author just takes it to a whole other level. Very good story!

Demon Lover by: Cecelia Holland

This was an interesting story. It was much like a fairy tale...well I think it was a fairy tale, a dark one. I enjoyed the intricacies of the story and would have loved to see a longer one. I think it would have made a great novel, romance perhaps. I enjoyed it.

More stories in this anthology are....

The Wayfarer’s Advice by: Melinda Snodgrass
Blue Boots by: Robin Hobb
The Thing About Cassandra by: Neil Gaiman
After the Blood by: Marjorie M. Liu
You, and You Alone by: Jacqueline Carey
His Wolf by: Lisa Tuttle
Courting Trouble by: Linnea Sinclair
The Demon Dancer by: Mary Jo Putney
Under/Above the Water by: Tanith Lee
Kaskia by: Peter S Beagle
Man in the Mirror by: Yasmine Galenorn
A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows by: Diana Gabaldon

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