Absinthe by Winter Renshaw

AbsintheAbsinthe by Winter Renshaw
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well. I bought this book and then laid down in bed telling myself I'd read for a minute and then go to sleep. Yeah. It's now almost 4 am and I'm still thinking about the book so why not write up a review.

I enjoyed how Ms Renshaw drew me into a story I wasn't 100% sold on in the first place. I wouldn't have picked it up if my friend hadn't told me she enjoyed it. I was nervous about Ford and Halston's whole thing and I'm glad they didn't do anything significant while he was her principal and she his student. I think I would have lost some respect for him. Ms. Renshaw keeps things steamy and tension filled despite the lack of action in the first part of the book. I felt the end sort of dragged on. I mean I liked reading what came next for them but their initial post-everything meet was too anticlimactic and then too much AFTER AFTER for me as well. Like the author was trying to add more words.

Overall, a well-written smart read. I like Halston, she is fierce and I'm glad we got to see the young and grown-up versions of her. I liked her character development.

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